The Abovers is a Middle Grade fantasy set in the skies above our very heads.

Manhattan-born twins Max Darby, an eager inventor, and Friday Darby, a brilliant student, believe their grandfather passed away because of a fall. Nobody mentioned he fell up— not down— carried away by the winds of adventure…never to be seen again.

Soon, Max and Friday start getting “carried away” just like their grandfather, swept up by their desire to explore. There, over the clouds, they encounter Abovers, a secret society of quirky adventurers who travel our modern skies in handmade ships. Some Abovers trade goods in lawless makeshift cities, while others stage perilous expeditions to the world's last unmapped corners. Some just host their own radio shows.

When a mysterious force called the Sinking Feeling begins to eat away at the sky, Max and Friday must work together to save the world known as Above. With the help of a fast-talking cousin, a girl obsessed with planetariums, and a cast of other improbable friends, the twins must follow the clues their grandfather left behind— uncover the cause of the Sinking Feeling, and hopefully cure it for good— all before the world of Above falls right out of the sky.

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A Middle grade fantasy novel